FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions   

1. How do I get a sponsor ?
  You cannot get or choose a sponsor. In TR you just receive the money from "sponsors" depending on:
- driver's character (popular gets more money than mean)
- how many rallies your team entered throughout the week
- level of your team's league.
More on sponsorship can be found in the TR rules section.

2. What is Maxi TR ?
  Maxi TR is an enhanced version of TR. With Maxi TR you have more options, like:
- observing other teams
- statistics
- your own team logo
- press releases

3. How long is a season ?
  A TR season lasts for ten weeks. In between each season there is a week with no rallies (this makes eleven weeks total). During this time, you can have your team practice on bravery, reflex, concentration and stress resistance, with the team's psychologist.

4. Do my team members age ?
  Yes, once a season. Don't forget to buy party balloons !

5. Do I pay for having my car trashed ?
  No, you do not pay for that.

6. When I sign a new talent, do I pay any money for that ?
  Not at first, you have about a week to decide. To be precise, you have to make your decision before the end of the round. (Word of advice: If you decide not to keep the new talent, place him/her on the transfer list, which lasts three days. Make sure the third day is before the end of the round! This way you'll make some extra cash!)

7. How do I enter a rally out of my league ?
  First, you need to remember that you can sign up for an "out of your league's rally" at most 7 days and at least 15 minutes before it begins ! How to sign up? Choose 'Search', then the 'Rally' option from the left-hand menu. By default, you will be switched to rallies calendar. Click a rally of your choice (remember about the 7 days requirement!) to get it's detailed description. Choose 'Sign Up' - that's it! Just make sure you will have a car available - each car requires one day of servicing after every rally.

8. My team did not finish the rally - will it count as training ?
  Yes. It will count as training

9. How much training will my team get in a rally ?
  Training effectiveness depends on the number of driven kilometers (distance) and your team's driving strategy level in a rally. Higher the speed, the better they practice. See game rules for more details.

10. I just started to play TopRally and I have already competed in one rally, and I have no idea what to do now. Should I buy a new car or get a new team member ?
  Good question! This is your team now, so you have to make the decision. We can not tell you how to spend your money. Don't listen to any advice, just think about it and do your best to succeed. You do not have to spend your hard-earned money immediately, you may choose to save for greater expenses or upgrade your car or pay for talent searching. The decision is yours.

11. If the snowy weather says, "ice" - does it mean the surface is dry (it's not raining), or is it wet (it's slippery) ?
  In TR we are trying to keep the balance between dry and wet surfaces. That said, when it is raining it is always wet. That means snowing and icy conditions. Otherwise the surface is dry.

12. How do I sell my car ?
  Easy. Go to the 'Garage' page (Office -> Garage), there you will find information about all your cars. Click on a car name and you will go to the car's page. Enter a starting price and save it. That's it ! Now you can relax and watch the price for your car going higher and higher.

13. How can I join or create a rally group ?
  First, you will need to activate the Maxi TR. To join, choose the "Rally Groups" option from the menu. A list of all rally groups will be displayed. Choose "Join the Group" to send your application to the group's administrator. When you are approved, you will be added to the group. To see a detailed list, click on the number of group members. To create a new group, send a message to one of game creators or GM. Please include:
- Proposed name of the group
- Group administrator's name
- A short description of the group. If all requirements are met, the group will be created.

14. Will my entry history delete once the season has changed ?
  No. Go to the Rallies History page (in the "office") and you will see the drop down menu in the top right corner. All you need to do is to choose the season you are looking for.

15. Can I manage two rally teams from the same computer ?
  No. The game rules state that you cannot manage more than one team in Top Rally. But, if there are more then one team playing on the same computer, you are not allowed to "wash" money by buying team members or cars for higher prices. Well, you are not allowed to do that at all! The game Masters will not allow that! If they will notice any strange transactions between players, the team managers will be fined or banned from the game. Rules should be respected and deceitful players will be penalized. Our Top Rally community will not allow unfair playing.

16. Why can't I choose the car setup I want ?
  Because you didn't upgrade your car. All setup options are available for upgraded cars only.

17. How can I make bold, italic or underlined text on the forum or in the press releases ?
  Just use the tags:
[b]text in bold[/b] - bold text;
[i]text in italic[/i] - italic text;
[u]underline text[/u] - underline text;
You can use them in combination like this:[b][u]text in bold and underline[/u][/b] - bold and underline.
Links: [url]http://www.toprally.net[/url] - http://www.toprally.net.